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What Shines a Subtle Blue & Stops People Talking About You?
Aquamarine illustration It is this month’s birthstone, the beloved aquamarine. According to legend, this beautiful gem protects those who wear it from gossip. We think this is especially good news for celebrities who claim aquamarine as their birthstone. They include Lady Gaga, Daniel Craig, Chris Martin, Elton John, Jess...
How to Find Their Ring Size (Without Them Knowing!)
Diamond rings
As Valentine’s Day approaches people all across the country prepare to pop the big question to their beloved, making promises that can change lives forever. Also, many happy couples may look to give important anniversary gifts and romantic tokens of love to remind one another of the love that is sha...
January Jewel Refresh
The first week of the new year always seems a little dispiriting as 2016's hangover sets in. Is your body still suffering Christmas holiday withdrawal? As many look to the gym and healthy diets to replenish, we're far more interested finding solace in the little trinkets that make us smile. We like ...
Christmas Jewellery Gifts They'll Adore
Still shopping for those all important Christmas gifts? There's only ten days left until Santa arrives and we almost can't believe it! To help reduce the stress this year we have put together a few of our gift ideas she'll love, whatever her style and also to suit your budget.

Stack ring stocking f...

Black Friday Jewellery Promotion
Black Friday Jewellery Promotion
The infamous Black Friday is once again the talk of the high street and what kind of online jeweller would we be if we didn't bring our lovely customers something sweet this year? At the moment we are offering 30% off all full price jewellery items at Gemondo. Unfortunately that doesn't include Wint...
Layering Up: 10 Gold Rings Under £100

Gold stack rings

They say all that glitters is not gold. So that may be true. Diamonds and gemstones also glitter, right? With this in mind, why not have something that glitters in gold? Minimalist jewellery designs are all the rage these days. Perfectly suited to layering, cute jewellery pieces are a great way to...
Edit: Opaque Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery
Edit: Opaque Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery
Gemstones are abundant in different shades, textures and stories. In a world where diamonds and rubies are king, we thought we would take a moment to focus on some semi-precious gems that hold a higher opacity than translucent stones, boast unique style and display beautiful colours. Semi-precious g...
Precious Moments
Precious Moments

Although we hate to admit it, it would seem that not all gemstones are created equal. There are four very special stones that are considered truly precious due to their superior properties of rarity, strength and sparkle. These are the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald and of course the diamond. Loved...

#MondayMotivation With Amazonite

How do you motivate your Mondays? Ever find yourself reaching for the coffee but that temporary kick only does so much? The answer to summoning your strength could well be gemstones. We're attempting to become rock hard with, well... rocks! Spearmint amazonite gemstones, named after the mighty and u...

July's Birthstone Ruby Puts the Red in Red Carpet

The ruby, much like the sapphire, is from the corundum mineral family and its beautiful rouge palette is a result of its chromium content. Rubies are incredibly special as they have the highest worth of any other coloured gemstone per carat.

The ruby gets its name from the Latin “ruber” meaning red...

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