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Carnelian, or cornelian as it is sometimes known, is a beautiful red semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the chalcedony family. Iron oxide impurities are responsible for carnelian's wonderful rusty orange and red colours that look so warm and inviting when set in jewellery. Discover sterling silver jewellery set with real carnelian gemstones in rings, earrings, necklaces and more below.


Carnelian Jewellery

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Carnelian has been thought by some to heal illnesses of the blood, possibly due to its red colour. Found set into Egyptian jewellery and talismans and also in ancient burials dating back thousands of years, carnelian may have been regarded as a gemstone that helped the deceased to pass through the afterlife. 

Due to its nature, carnelian is a great gemstone to carve and set into decorative jewellery. Discover sterling silver carnelian jewellery featuring inspired by vintage fashions with smooth cabochon gemstones in a range of designs including Art Deco inspired, marcasite lockets and heart jewellery. 

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