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Sunny citrine gemstones are vibrant members of the quartz family. The name citrine is derived from the French term for lemon, although this zesty gem is slightly more orange than the colour of our favourite sour citrus fruit. Browse Gemondo's stunning selection of authentic citrine jewellery with a range of playful citrine rings, citrine earringscitrine pendant necklaces and bracelets.


Citrine Jewellery

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Citrine, much like its purple sister amethyst, is wonderfully translucent but displays beautiful yellow, orange and brown colours. The colours of citrine jewellery exude a bright and bubbly warmth. Some even believe citrine gemstone helps lift self-esteem and improve confidence in communication skills. Citrine is used by some as the birthstone for November, along with traditional topaz gemstones and is also used to celebrate 17th wedding anniversaries.

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