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Diantha Pastel Jewellery

Named after the flower flaunting petals edged with delicate ruffles, the European native Dianthus genus is the inspiration for this beautiful Diantha pastel jewellery design. This design features smooth and natural cabochon cut milky blue jade, spearmint amazonite and rose quartz gemstones embraced in a 9ct rose gold and 9ct yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver frilled setting.

Gemondo's Pastel Collection showcases honeyed and cloudy gemstones in textured metals that reflect nature's inherent beauty and celebrate untamed feminine wiles. This ethos has been channelled with love into each spring/summer pastel coloured jewellery style. Pick your favourite flower from our chic garden of gems with pastel rings, pastel earringspastel bracelets and pastel pendant necklaces.

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