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Jewellery Care Instructions

Keeping your jewellery looking at its best at all times needn't be a constant or expensive job. Here's a few simple tips to follow to preserve your jewellery's lustre and brilliance.Jewellery cleaning products

1. Get yourself a cleaning cloth. More often than not a quick buff with a jewellery cleaning cloth will remove metal tarnishes.

2. Check the hardness and nature of the gemstones in your jewellery. A hard precious stone will benefit from a gentle brush with a warm solution whereas softer semi-precious stones may scratch with such treatment. Always ensure you use a gentle, soft bristled brush regardless of the jewellery.

3. Take care when using household products. Some gemstones are sensitive to acidic properties in cleaning products. For example, malachite will only need to be buffed with a clean cloth rather than using an ammonia-based soap solution like you may with a diamond.

4. Beware of applying too much heat. Softer semi-precious stones will not respond well to steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. If in doubt, ask your jeweller or contact us.

5. Everything in its place. Simply put, store your jewellery in its original display box or in a jewellery box and keep it in a safe place.

6. Avoid exposure to cosmetics, perfumes or chemical detergents. Try to steer clear of such products when you are wearing your jewellery or have it on display.

7. Practice makes perfect. Check your jewellery regularly for dirt or oil build up and clean accordingly.


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