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June Birthstone - Pearl Bracelets & Bangles

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Gemondo presents our extensive high quality and affordable June Birthstone - Pearl Bracelets & Bangles Collection Set in yellow gold, white gold and hallmarked 925 sterling silver this collection has something for everyone's tastes.

Pearl jewellery has been known as the June birthstone since the creation of the Gregorian calender. This calender had matching poems for everybirthstone, the poem for the June birthstone is below:

'By her who in June was born
No gem save pearls shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.'

The June birthstone possesses an iridescent quality represented here by pearl. Pearls have long been regarded as symbols of nobility representing beauty, modesty and purity. Symbolising passion, this stone was believed to bestow the power of clairvoyancy. In times gone by, it was thought that pearls were the fruit of the union of water with the sea and light with the moon.

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