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Gemondo jewellery presents a new spring/summer 2016 selection of freshwater pearl rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver and gold drawing inspiration from nature’s exotic beauty. Gemondo has sought out Mother Nature’s own wild designs from afar each with their own strengths. We have drawn inspiration from the stories, shapes and textures that have left us awestruck.



Ginkgo jewellery






Asian native Ginkgo has its roots firmly planted in Chinese tradition as it has been found growing at temples dating back thousands of years. A plant of strength through adversity, Ginkgo was said to be one of few plants that survived the blasts of Hiroshima in Japan. As Ginkgo is translated roughly as “Silver Fruit” in Chinese, we thought it apt to immortalise our Ginkgo jewellery designs in sterling silver and decorate with dainty pearl details.



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Lily of the Valley jewellery



Lily of the Valley



Don’t be deceived by the alluring scent of this bulbous and inviting flower, she defends her beauty with poison. The attraction of Lily of the Valley is undeniable. It demands a high price for this allure, being a popular choice for weddings and was even selected for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Encapsulated in sterling silver holding freshwater pearls within, these Lily of the Valley flower jewellery pieces capture beauty and romance on each petal.



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West Indian jasmine jewellery



West Indian Jasmine


West Indian Jasmine is the bright flower that juxtaposes itself with the green of the untamed wilderness. For its defining pink and red colours, this kind of jasmine is also known as “Jungle Flame” of “Flame of the Woods.” It has been said that West Indian Jasmine, or Ixora as the genus is known, has been used in Ayurveda medicine to purify blood and aid healing of the skin. Gemondo has taken these beautiful designs, captured them in warm 9ct yellow gold and worked into intricate jasmine flower jewellery shapes adorned with iridescent freshwater pearls.



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Spring Starflower jewellery



Spring Starflower



A flower of strength through adaptability, in contrast with its dainty appearance, the Spring Starflower has travelled over across the pond from South America where its origins lie. With scents of golden honey, the Spring Starflower flaunts six pointed petals in a star formation that surround its sweet-noted centre. Coming into bloom in spring, this flower is a natural addition to these spring/summer wild flower designs. With 9ct yellow gold openwork petals adorned with central diamonds, this Spring Starflower jewellery design is an elegant burst of sunshine.



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Wild Flower Jewellery

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