Bohemian Jewellery: Where did it come from?

Bohemian Jewellery: Where did it come from?

Boho jewellery can be subtle or make a statement, giving you freedom to mix and match on your favourite jewellery pieces. These pieces can range from beaded bracelets and necklaces, pendants, to hoop earrings.

The bohemian look is all about its deluxe simplicity. Finding unique pieces that express your bohemian side is the key to wearing the trend, nurturing your free spirit and expressing yourself is important.

When did it all begin?

The roots of Bohemian jewellery go all the way back to the French Revolution. As the system of artistic patronage broke down, many artists found themselves out of work, and living more nomadic lifestyles, or living cheaply.

These artists looked for ways they could express themselves more freely, taking influence from nature as a guide during unsettling times.

Before long, the roving artists were likened to Gipsies due to their appearances and lifestyle choices. Gypsy travellers were originally thought to come from Bohemia, a Kingdom with an infamous history of jewellery and Garnet gemstone cuts. Thus came the Bohemian style, using natural elements to bring the wearer as close as possible to the outdoors while maintaining their individuality. Bohemian fashionistas are often attributed to having layered, textured necklaces, large hoop earrings, earthy ring-stacks and wrap bracelets.

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