Gemstone Inspired Baby Names

Deciding on the perfect name for your little one can be hard right? one thing we do know is that it needs to be extra special and something that stands out from the rest. Many people name their children after gemstones and we can see why with their babies being their own precious treasure. Why not give them an extra special name with an even more special meaning? here are some gemstone baby names to inspire you.  

Jade is a stunning and vibrant gemstone, which can come in many colours such as greens, blues and pinks. Green jade however is typically worn as a symbol of good luck and is believed to protect the wearer from misfortune. It is often used in the practice of Feng Shui as it is believed to bring balance and harmony. Jade certainly is a lucky name with a lot of symbolism.

The name Jasper feels very playful and fun just like the gemstone which most commonly consists of a red colour with streaky unique designs. Jasper is believed be a nurturing stone and is also thought to bring balance between yin and yang making it both a peaceful and powerful gemstone, making for an adorable name with such great meaning and symbolism.

Pearls are symbolic of purity, wisdom and loyalty. In Greek mythology pearls are believed to be the tears of the gods making this name oh so heavenly. They are one of natures most beautiful wonders coming in all shapes, colours and sizes, making each pearl unique, just like each and every person is unique. Pearls are the birthstone for those born in June.

Onyx has a sleek and mysterious appearance and is believed to encourage both intelligence and confidence making for the most perfect name for those bold characters. It's sleek appearance often has white streaks running through it adding to it's beautiful natural design. It's believed that Cleopatra wore the gemstone to protect her against negative energy and to save her from danger.

Rubies are symbolic of love due to their beautiful red tones that come in many shades, and nothing compares to the love parents have for their little ones. They are also symbols of Freedom and courage making for a strong name. Rubies are the birthstones of those born in July with their vibrant fiery red hues makes it the perfect name for babies born in the summer time.

At Gemondo we love our gemstones and their names are just as beautiful as their unique and stunning appearance. Each gemstone is symbolic of many great strengths and they really do makes for the perfect name for your most precious treasures in life. Still searching for baby name inspiration? Check out our birthstone guide.

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