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Pearls are a unique kind of organic gemstone born from the heart of oysters. Not all pearls are created equal, with their many differences in shape and colour telling the story of their life in nature. A pearl begins its life as an irritant that has made its way into a mollusc and as a result a natural substance called nacre has formed around it. There are many different kinds of pearl along with many different forms of production both natural and with human intervention.

Pearl Jewellery

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Here you can find authentic mother of pearl jewellery, cultured pearls and oriental pearl jewellery designs for all occasions from bridal pearls to casual jewellery styles, strung pearls to coloured black pearls, pink pearls and grey pearls. Browse our stunning selection of pearl jewellery including pearl rings, pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and pearl brooches set with diamonds and gemstones in gold, sterling silver and more.

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