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Made famous by Marie Antoinette's jeweller and loved by Napoleon Bonaparte who would gift pieces to Empress Josephine, acrostic jewellery gave star crossed lovers a way to send elegant gifts with hidden notes of adoration. These gemstones when set beautifully together reveal a special message known only to those who can unravel this special code.
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Caruso Modern Retro Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Jewellery | Gemondo

lapis lazuli

Modern Birthstone
Lapis lazuli
This gemstone is so vibrant it was once ground up and used to tint only the finest focal points in Renaissance paintings. Much loved not just in paintings and semi-precious jewellery, lapis lazuli has also been used to create ornaments and even decorate ancient Egyptian tombs and statues. The Sumerians believed that lapis was the stone of divinity and in Europe it's seen as a symbol of royalty and wisdom.
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Gemondo ECFEW Art Nouveau Floral Lapis Drop Earrings

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September's birthstone

Gemondo September Birthstone Sapphire & Marcasite Gold Plated Jewellery

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