A Thoughtful Jewellery Gift

Every year all we want for Christmas is to find that special gift for our loved ones. We put so much time and thought into that gift but often it can be hard to find and the search becomes more stressful as Christmas comes closer. At Gemondo we have a plenty of personalised gifts accompanied with our wide range of birthstones, making that search for a thoughtful gift with a personal touch even easier.

Beautiful Birthstones

Everyone has a birthstone which makes it so much easier to find a gift with a personal touch, whether it's a bold statement piece or something a little more discrete. We have plenty of birthstones available in a range of unique styles for all from vintage to contemporary designs, we have you covered.

Each stone is symbolic of mystical qualities and throughout time have been treasured for this reason. They are all individually stunning in their own way and are a great addition to add a pop of colour and sparkle to any jewellery collection. Not sure which birthstone to get? check out our guide designed to help you find the most thoughtful gift.

The Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac collection offers personalised perfection, pairing together zodiac signs snd birthstones suspended on a 9ct gold chain. Available in both white and yellow gold, these pendants are great for those who are really into star signs and astrology. The zodiac symbols are sure to add a touch of personality to their everyday style. Check out our zodiac stone guide to help you choose the right gift! What's your sign?

Ruby Cancer Zodiac Charm in 9ct White Gold

Sold out
Emerald Taurus Zodiac Charm in 9ct White Gold

Sold out

The Initials Collection

Initial necklaces are very popular and are a great way to add a personal touch to anyones jewellery collection. Available in both white and yellow 9ct gold, these charms come with a range of gemstones including; diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pink sapphires, so you can choose a necklace that is best fit to their personality.

Initial R Pink Sapphire Letter Charm

Sold out

Sold out

HS Achievement Collection

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Charm bracelets are an amazing gift for any jewellery collector. Our HS Achievement collection celebrates all of our achievements in life. Each charm includes a stunningly vibrant gemstone which reflects a wide range of achievements. Why not gift one of our bangles and a charm so they can start their journey of celebrating all their remarkable moments. A thoughtful gift to add to throughout the years.

Gold Plated Pearl Charm

Sold out
Sterling Silver Garnet Charm

Sold out
HS Achievement Bangle in gold plated sterling silver size large

Sold out
Gold Plated Emerald Charm

Sold out

Whether it's their birthstone or a personalised pendant we have the most thoughtful gifts for you to give your loved ones this Christmas. We pride ourselves in offering a beautiful range of jewellery in a variety of colours and unique designs. Needing some more inspiration? check out our Christmas gift guide.

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