6 Jewellery trends for 2022

The new year is the perfect time to give your jewellery collection a little refresh. Let’s take a look at the playful jewellery trends that will keep you shining all 2022 long…

Dangle Earrings

Add a little colour to your ears with an elegant pair of gemstone dangle earrings that feature vivid gemstones. If you're looking for earrings that give you that extra sparkly touch, opt for more clearer gemstones such as peridot, amethyst, and topaz. These gleaming beauties are great at capturing and reflecting light!

Like a Charm!

As seen on every SS22 catwalk, jewellery charms are making a real comeback. Whether it’s a birthstone charm, an initial pendant or a stone that carries a deeper meaning, charms allow you to tell your unique story. Layer up multiple charm pendants to visually display who you are in the most chic, sparkly way.

Tropical-Inspired Jewellery

Haven’t had a chance to get away since the pandemic began? Live your exotic getaway dreams vicariously through vibrant jewellery inspired by warmer climates and colourful cultures. Pieces from ‘The Creator’ ECFEW collection embody this trend with tropical motifs and vibrant gemstones such as lapis lazuli, chrome diopside, red carnelian and rose quartz.

Zodiac Jewellery

Stunning celestial jewellery pieces will become staples in your 2022 jewellery collection. Necklaces or rings featuring star sign symbols is a great way to display your unique qualities according to the stars.

Layered Chokers

In 2022 we’re elevating the choker trend. Create the perfect neck statement with multiple chokers that vary in texture and thickness. Looking to take your neck stack up a notch? Try adding in 1 or 2 choker necklaces that feature different gemstones to create a contrast in colours.


We could all do with a little extra magic in our lives and that's where talismans come in. Popular many thousands of years ago for their believed magical properties, talismans have made a real comeback over the last few months. The ancient Egyptians believed these delicately crafted gemstone necklaces could safeguard the wearer against evil spirits and provide protection.

Gardenia Emerald Clover Pendant In 9ct Yellow Gold
Childrens Starfish Enamel Necklace Image
ECFEW™ Turquoise Talisman Pendant

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