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    The name Iolite comes from the Greek "ion" meaning "violet flower" and has many connections to Viking folklore. It was said that iolite helped explorers navigate the sea, with its many shades displaying when ships would turn in a certain way. The gemstone is renowned for this pleochroism, where different colours can be seen from different directions. Due to their nature, iolite cannot be treated with heat and so you can be sure that every facet incurs a vibrancy and brilliance that is totally natural. When caring for your iolite jewellery, a little soapy water is all it needs to keep it looking beautifully bright. Iolite is mined in a few locations around the world and much of Gemondo iolite comes from Norway, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

    Countries of Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Namibia, Madagascar, Norway, Tanzania, Africa

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